Narcissus & Echo
for soprano, alto, ensemble and electronic
Video  Projection: Lukas Nowok
Costume: Rebekka Stange
Text: Wolfgang Denkel, Bernd Schmitt

Calling Sirens
for dance and piano trio
Dance: Sophia Otto
Trio: uBu
Choreography: Yves Ytier

Me Du Ça
for soprano and live electronics
Soprano : Youmi Kim
Text: Bernd Schmitt
Costume: Marc Socié

for prepared upright piano  
Piano: Claudia Chan
Costume: Huihui Cheng

Your turn
a card game performance with audience 
Performer: neue vocal solisten
Graphic design: Karin Kreamer
Regie: Thomas Fiedler

Your smartest choice
a smartphone game
for four musicians and audience
Ensemble Mosaik
Web audio design:
Benjamin Matuszewski, Norbert Schnell
online version: Joseph Larralde
try it out with your smartphone

Visuelle and theatrical works

for voice, violin and tape
Voice & Violin: Natasha López
Text & Voice (tape): Jörg Zemmler
for Cello, Otto and electronic
Cello: Céline Papion
Drescher & Papion Productions
Durch die Blume
a party theater piece
Text: Manfried Weiß,
Performer: Gabriele Lesch, Viktoriia Vitrenko,
Roger Gehrig, Marius Schötz

Ensemble works

The tower window towards the sea
for Ensemble
Dissonart Ensemble
What love tells me No.3
for 5 female voices and electronic
Ensemble De Caelis
Creation mondiale l’integrale
Theater masks
for ensemble
Ensemble intercontemporain
manifeste 2016, Paris