Meine Inseln, a piece of theater concert “AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK”
for voice, drum-set and electronic 18.12.2018
Viktoriia Vitrenko (soprano)
Lucas Gerin (drums)

Your smartest choice for four musicians, electronic and audience’s smartphone
Premier of concert version 2018
Rainy days festival Luxembourg, Ensemble Mosaik 25.11.2018

Premier: “Echo & Narcissus” for soprano, alto, clarinet, violoncello, percussion, and live-electronics 16.11.2018 Freiburg Schlossbergsaal SWR info

24.22.32018 ZKM Giga-Hertz Prize awarding info

OTTO . Music theater for cello, Otto and live electronics in the Theater Rampe Stuttgart 01.11.2018.

with compositions by:
Huihui Cheng , Oliver S. Frick, Lukas Huber, Steffen Krebber , Joseph Michaels , Sophie Pope

Performance: Céline Papion
Sound Design & Live Electronics: Oliver S. Frick
Director: Anna Drescher
Room and Light Installation: Hudda Chu kri, Adrian Groß
Equipment: Hudda Chukri
Instrument Making : Selim San & Aldo van den Broek
Production: The Real Office
Production Switzerland & Outside Eye: Florian Hohnhorst

(Photo: Daniela Wolf )45087136_10155518329771207_7389061946491797504_n.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 10.18.36 PM.pngResidence in Experimental Studio, Freiburg, 30 July-10 August
Echo& Narcissus, for two voices, electronic and ensemble
Giga-Hertz Prize production
Premier November, Freiburg