Echo&Narsisuss for soprano, alto, ensemble and electronic 2018 (12′)
Me Du Ca for solo voice and live electronic 2016 (6′)
Kinetic distance III for Pipa and live electronic (12′)
Etüde@S for Tárogató and live electronic (13′)
Etüde@F for solo flute and live electronic (16’ 20)


Your smartest choice 2016 (17′)
performance for four musicians, electronic and participant’s smartphones
Durch die Blume for Music Theater 2014 (14’)
for 4 singera, audience and multi-media
Ohne Gewähr for Music Theater  in 2012 (60’)
for Puppet, three soloists, vocal ensemble(6 singers), instruments ensemble and electronics


Kinetic Distance IV for ensemble
Fl. Ob. Cla. Bsn. Hrn. Trp. Trb. Per. Vln. Vla. Vc. Db.
Kinetic distance I for Ensemble 2013 (17’)
Fl. Cla. Pf. Per. Vln. Vc
Ruin for ensemble2009 (13’)
Fl. Cla. Per. Vln. Vla. Vc.


Messenger for string-piano solo (13′)
LAMATAMAYABALABA for solo voice 2015 (3′)
Vibration I for self-built percussion instruments 2010 (16’21)
Dream Illusion Bubble Shadow for Cello Solo 2009 (11’)
Freeze for Accordion Solo 2006 (7’14)
Piano suite the Game for Notes 2002 (5’30)


What loce tells me III 2018 (10′)
Sop. 2Mez. 2Alt.
What love tells me  2016 (9’)
Sop. Mez. Alt. Ten. Bar. Bass.
What love tells me II 2015 (6’)
Sop. Mez. Co.ten. Ten. Bar.
Tian Wen II for 12 singer and 12 instruments 2017 (12′) 
Tian Wen for 12 singer, 3 instruments and live electronic (12’20)
2 vocal ensemble (2* Sop. Mez. Alt. Ten. Bar. Bass.), Fl. Vc. Org. Live Electronic


Kinetic distance II 2014 (10’)
Cello and Shakuhachi(or Clarinet)
MoMo for Trio 2013 (11’ )
Erhu Pipa Saxophone
Mitschwingen 2011 (13’20)
harpsichord and organ
Richtungslos 2010/11 (7’48)
trumpet and trombone
Ripples 2007 (11’)
Vln. Vc. Pf.
Feng Sheng Ming for String Quartet 2004 (13’)
The Impact of Geometrical Figures for Wood Quintet and Piano 2003 (9’)
Sonata for Violin and Piano 2003 (17’)

SEA M.S. for Sheng and Ensemble 2018 (13′)
Sheng. Cla. Vc. Perc.
Shui Yun for 10 Zheng 2002/2008 (5’20)
Yu Lin Ling for chinese Ensemble 2006 (9’40)
Zheng, 4Pipa, Sheng, Percussion
Aftersound for ensemble 2005 (8’20)
Sheng Zheng Pipa Guitar. Fl. Ob. Cla. Per. Vln. Vla. Vc. Db.
Qiu Se for Trio 2006 (12’)
Sheng Pipa Piano
In the corner for chamber ensemble 2006 (11’30)
Clarinet Guitar Cello Piano and Percussion


Worklist PDF here