Me Du Ça

Premier: center pompidou, Paris 2016
Soprano: Youmi Kim
Costume: Marc Socié
Text: Bernd Schmitt
Composition: Huihui Cheng

“Me Du Ça is inspired by the figure of Medusa, metaphor guideline of this play. Flutes/tubes represent the snakes which took the place of the hair of the mythological figure). Its tones of wind whistlings, air sound effects, also try to evoke the reptilian universe of the Medusa. The title and lyric, written in three languages, also play on the phonetic associations of English “me”, by German “you” from French ” it”. The Medusa is also treated as theatrical character, terrible, libidinous, hysteric figure, allying voice of opera, spoken, whispered voice, instrumental sounds, electronic transformations, and synthesis. Formally the weight of these various materials changes in time, by interpolations. Certain keywords, gestures, or electronic signals work as pivots, repeated at a distance in a fragmentary way, and so disorientate linear perception.”

Me Du Ça 2nd version
Soprano: Julia Mihaly, 21.07.2018 

Me Du Ça 3rd version, coming soon
Soprano: Esther-Elisabeth Rispens
SPLINTERS, Campus Bijloke3. May 2019