Echo & Narcissus

Text: Wolfgang Denkel, Bernd Schmitt
Soprano: Silke Evers
Alto: Noa Frenkel
Ensemble SWR Experimental Studio
Conductor: Detlef Heusinger
Costume: Rebekka Stange
Video: Lukas Nowok
Freiburg 2018

Huihui Cheng *String-Piano*

Messenger (extract)

Pianist Claudia Chan @ abbey Royaumont, France 2017

Me Du Ça

for soprano and live electronic

Youmi Kee Soprano, Bernd Schmitt Text, Marc Socié Costume

premiered: George Center Pompidou, Paris, IRCAM, 2016

Your smartest choice

for four musicians and audience

concert version 2018 Mosaik Rainy days Luxembourg

Durch die Blumen
for singers, audience and live electronics. Soprano – Gabriele Lesch, Viktoriia Vitrenko, tenor – Roger Gehrig, baritone – Marius Schoetz, libretto – Manfred Weiss, sound support – Matthias Schneider-Hollek, stage director – Angelika Luz. Performed on June, 7 2014 at Theater House of Music of 20th century in Stuttgart, Germany.