Your health is my terror

Your health is my terror is a video installation concert.
Janina Luckow: Concept and Video Installation
Xiao Fu: Composition, Electronics
Huihui Cheng: Composition, Electronics

“What do you want from her?” Phoolan asked, revealing the answer before the old man smiled meaningfully. What he wanted from her was what all the men wanted from her, since she had run away from her husband and gone astray, a fallen girl of lesser origin, useful only for filthy work and dirty desires. For taller castes like the Thakur, to which the old man belonged, his white garb betrayed it, she was sexual fair-game. “I heard about Phoolan,” he said, “and I have to have it.” Phoolan asked the man to wait. From a nearby tree she cut off a thick branch, he was well in the hand. When she returned, she struck the old man until he blew away. “You wanted Phoolan,” she shouted after him, “this is Phoolan!

Your Wealth is my Terror is based on the experience of many women. The starting point of the performances are three texts, which tell the story decisively and as an act of resistance. Watching, encouraging, accusatory – they say, “Whatever does not kill me make me stronger.” (Maya Angelou)

Texts by:
Phoolan Devi Collective – A poem for men
Maya Angelou – Still I Rise