Vibration – percussion solo

Premier: Stuttgart MH, 2011
Percussion: Kaylie Dunstan
Composer: Huihui Cheng
Vibration is a piece for solo percussion made up almost entirely of self-made instruments with the aim of an enlargement of the playing techniques and the acoustic possibilities. The instruments not only fade out after the attack but the create large beats, vibrations and glissandi. E-Guitar strings and Cembalo strings are connected to tin cans. These instruments have been constructed with the idea in mind to create glissandi up to one octave by pulling to and fro the cans. Other instruments are cans with rubber strings, a small drum with rubber strings, a big drum with E-guitar string etc. All sounds connect by vibrations. The main role in this piece is played by the cans with the tended strings; I want to find and note new possibilities of sounds.