Umlaut – for voice and violin – Natasha López

Performer Natasha López

This piece could be played by a soprano who also plays violin, a violinist who could also sing and a duo, voice and violin.

The text is about a love story, in which the performer sings and plays the violin at the same time. The violin symbolises her lover. Their love story is told by means of the relation between the violin and the singer, who is struggling with the violin, since they do not seem to have the same feelings, nor do they agree with them.

They are muted and nullified, as an “Umlaut”. Two lovers who can not love in the same direction, even though they try. They are the two dots of the “Umlaut”, each one alone.

The relationship between them is also reflected by the look of the performer’s eyes, which should focus sometimes on the violin  (communicating with her lover), at other times on the front (sharing her love story with the audience).