Messenger – for prepared upright piano – Claudia Chan

for string-piano (prepared upright-piano)
pianist Claudia Chan
premier @ abbeye Royaumont
composition Huihui Cheng

“String-Piano” was the term coined for the preparation of the instrument for this piece. It is made of many nylon strings attached to the costume of the player and to the strings of the upright piano. The pianist wears latex gloves to produce sounds rubbing the nylon strings in different ways. The goal here is to explore new forms of relationships between the pianist and her instrument, taking away the hammers, which normally mediate the interaction between fingers and strings, using instead more direct action on the string, through the gestures and body of the player. As a result, the control of the resulting sound is flexible and unstable, giving an interesting relationship between movement and expressiveness of the pianist. Huihui is currently interested in experiments about ”performance and costume”. In several of her recent pieces, costumes take an important place in the musical performance, thus exploring domain encompassing music, sound objects and performance, with an emphasis on the theatrical representation of the performer.

Interview of Claudia Chan
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