Calling sirens – A dance project with Ensemble uBu

Sophia Otto Dance
Ensemble uBu
Yves Ytier Choreography

In this piece, Yves Ytier and I tried to merge the sounds and movements: while playing the piece, the musicians’ magnified gestures become part of the choreography, communicating with the dancer’s movements, which are also interpreting the musical gestures.

Calling sirens: to summon music into physical existence, musicians let music gain power over their bodies, their brain, their movement. From here its power can spread into the bodies of those exposing themselves to the sound, entering, forging its way through ears, eyes, skin and manifesting its power by shaping bodies and minds, pulling you into the underwater world of the subconscious, where fragments of shipwrecked form and thought slowly sink to the ground, illuminated only by the occasional translucent jellyfish.