Meine Inseln – an act of theater concert – InterAKT Initiative

“Meine Inseln” for voice and drum, a part of performance “AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK”

Meine Inseln

AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK (*As far as I know I love you on the other hand I don’t know) is a AV performance about the social media, dating apps and it’s influence on our daily lives.

TEXT & STAGING: Philine Pastenaci
PROPS & VIDEO: Susanne Brendel and Julia Schaefer
COSTUM: Friederike Traub 

WITH: Lucia Schierenbeck (actress)
Viktoriia Vitrenko (soprano / MSP)
Lucas Gerin (percussion / MSP)

MUSIC: Daniel D’Adamo 
Alexandra Filonenko 
Maxim Shalygin
Huihui Cheng

PROJECT: Mixed Sound Personnel (
IN COOPERATION: InterAKT Initiative e.V. (
SUPPORT: Stadt Stuttgart and Musikfonds e.V.