Sophia Otto Dance
Ensemble uBu
Yves Ytier Choreography

In this piece, Yves Ytier and I tried to merge the sounds and movements: while playing the piece, the musicians’ magnified gestures become part of the choreography, communicating with the dancer’s movements, which are also interpreting the musical gestures.

Calling sirens: to summon music into physical existence, musicians let music gain power over their bodies, their brain, their movement. From here its power can spread into the bodies of those exposing themselves to the sound, entering, forging its way through ears, eyes, skin and manifesting its power by shaping bodies and minds, pulling you into the underwater world of the subconscious, where fragments of shipwrecked form and thought slowly sink to the ground, illuminated only by the occasional translucent jellyfish.

Performer Natasha López

This piece could be played by a soprano who also plays violin, a violinist who could also sing and a duo, voice and violin.

The text is about a love story, in which the performer sings and plays the violin at the same time. The violin symbolises her lover. Their love story is told by means of the relation between the violin and the singer, who is struggling with the violin, since they do not seem to have the same feelings, nor do they agree with them.

They are muted and nullified, as an “Umlaut”. Two lovers who can not love in the same direction, even though they try. They are the two dots of the “Umlaut”, each one alone.

The relationship between them is also reflected by the look of the performer’s eyes, which should focus sometimes on the violin  (communicating with her lover), at other times on the front (sharing her love story with the audience).

for string-piano (prepared upright-piano)
pianist Claudia Chan
premier @ abbeye Royaumont
composition Huihui Cheng

“String-Piano” was the term coined for the preparation of the instrument for this piece. It is made of many nylon strings attached to the costume of the player and to the strings of the upright piano. The pianist wears latex gloves to produce sounds rubbing the nylon strings in different ways. The goal here is to explore new forms of relationships between the pianist and her instrument, taking away the hammers, which normally mediate the interaction between fingers and strings, using instead more direct action on the string, through the gestures and body of the player. As a result, the control of the resulting sound is flexible and unstable, giving an interesting relationship between movement and expressiveness of the pianist. Huihui is currently interested in experiments about ”performance and costume”. In several of her recent pieces, costumes take an important place in the musical performance, thus exploring domain encompassing music, sound objects and performance, with an emphasis on the theatrical representation of the performer.

Interview of Claudia Chan
Interview with Martha Willette

Roter Badenanzug
Das Herz schlägt

Text: Luise Kautz, Martin Mutschler, Christina Pfrötschner, Evarts Svilpe
Komposition: Huihui Cheng, Diana Syrse, Mischa Tangian
Regie: Luise Kautz, Martin Mutschler
Bühne: Valentin Mattka, Rebekka Stange, Thilo Ullrich
Kostüm: Rebekka Stange
Hamburgische Staatsoper Opera Stabile
Premiere: 02.05.19

“Meine Inseln” for voice and drum, a part of performance “AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK”

Meine Inseln

AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK (*As far as I know I love you on the other hand I don’t know) is a AV performance about the social media, dating apps and it’s influence on our daily lives.

TEXT & STAGING: Philine Pastenaci
PROPS & VIDEO: Susanne Brendel and Julia Schaefer
COSTUM: Friederike Traub 

WITH: Lucia Schierenbeck (actress)
Viktoriia Vitrenko (soprano / MSP)
Lucas Gerin (percussion / MSP)

MUSIC: Daniel D’Adamo 
Alexandra Filonenko 
Maxim Shalygin
Huihui Cheng

PROJECT: Mixed Sound Personnel (
IN COOPERATION: InterAKT Initiative e.V. (
SUPPORT: Stadt Stuttgart and Musikfonds e.V.

Durch die Blume

for four singers, electronic and video

Liebretto Manfried Weiß,
Huihui Cheng composition
Gabriele Lesch, soprano (guest 1)
Viktoriia Vitrenko, soprano (guest 2)
Roger Gehrig, tenor (waiter 2)
Marius Schötz, baritone (waiter 1)
Live electronics and video: Huihui Cheng Sound support: Matthias Schneider-Hollek Rehearsal and scenic setup: Angelika Luz
Premier 2014, Music of the Century Stuttgart

” A theater piece, happen in a festival closing party, singers acted as guests and waiters. Their conversation has been supervised, careful there’s something under the flowers. ”

Premier: Stuttgart MH, 2011
Percussion: Kaylie Dunstan
Composer: Huihui Cheng
Vibration is a piece for solo percussion made up almost entirely of self-made instruments with the aim of an enlargement of the playing techniques and the acoustic possibilities. The instruments not only fade out after the attack but the create large beats, vibrations and glissandi. E-Guitar strings and Cembalo strings are connected to tin cans. These instruments have been constructed with the idea in mind to create glissandi up to one octave by pulling to and fro the cans. Other instruments are cans with rubber strings, a small drum with rubber strings, a big drum with E-guitar string etc. All sounds connect by vibrations. The main role in this piece is played by the cans with the tended strings; I want to find and note new possibilities of sounds.