Echo & Narcisuss
SWR Schlossbergsaal Freiburg 2018
SEA.M.S for Sheng, Ensemble and Electronic 2018
Yifei Hua, sheng and Ensembe télémaque Marseille 2018
Theater mask for ensemble (extrait)
Ensemble Intercontemporain Manifeste Academie 2016
Arachnee for four voices and electronic
Ensemble De Caelis at Cean art museum 2017
Tian Wen for 12 voices, cello, flute, organ and electronic
Etüde@F for solo flute and live electronic
What love tells me 3 for five voices and electronic with quotation of medieval music
Ensemble De Caelis and Radio France 2018
Shining for orchestra (extrait)
Isang Yun composition grand prize 2011
Your smartest choice
for four instruments, tape and audience smartphone 2017