born in 1985 in Wu-Chang, province of Hei-Long-Jiang, northeastern China, started to play the piano at a very young age and wrote her first compositions at the age of nine. She took piano and composition lessons in Wu-Chang by Weiping Xie, who trained her to enter the middle school of the national university for music in Beijing at age of fourteen, a college for musically highly gifted children, under professor lin zhu.

She studied composition with Guoping Jia at the Central Conservatory of Music Beijing, Caspar Johannes Walter, Marco Stroppa and Martin Schüttler as well as Piet Mayer (electronic music) and the Academie for Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart. In 2015/16 she attended the IRCAM Cursus in Paris, by Héctor Parra and Grégoire Lorieux.

She received scholerships from the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Schloss Wiepersdorf, Künstlerhaus Schöppingen in Germany; Camargo Foundation, Royaumont Foundation in France and German academia Villa Massimo-Casa Baldi in Italy, as attended academies of the SWR Vocal Ensemble and the Akademie Musiktheater Heute. In 2011 she won first prize at the International Isang Yun Competition with her orchestra piece “shining”, and with her piece “Me Du Ça”, she has won the Giga-Hertz Production Prize of ZKM and SWR Experimentalstudio in 2016.

In the search for a term encompassing all her creative output, she favours “theatrically extended composition” best, because theatre is for her a means to “communicate with the audience and enhance perception”. She likes to work with flexible situations that she can not fully control, and she expands notions of interpretation and conceptual art through visual and theatrical elements, random operations, and the use of objects and electronics. 

旅居德国法国的青年作曲家,她的作品实验先锋,但又不失传统古典音乐的精湛技巧,逐渐以青年职业作曲家的身份在欧洲展露头脚。程慧惠自幼习琴,9岁开始学作曲,14岁进入中国音乐学院附中作曲专业,随后以第一名的成绩考入中央音乐学院,保研读研以后又去德国继续深造,她不仅在德国斯图加特音乐学院完成了作曲的最高学位,之后又获得电子音乐硕士文凭。 2015年得到法国电子音乐中心IRCAM的邀请,往其下进修电子音乐课程。在她的作曲学习生涯中,曾有多位恩师名师,谢维平,朱琳,范乃信,贾国平, Caspar Johannes Walter, Marco Stroppa, Piet Johan Meyer, Martin Schüttler, Hèctor Parra等教授。

她在德国法国被选入很多支持艺术家的项目,她曾经参与由德国德意志银行基金会举办的”音乐戏剧今天“创作项目(Musiktheater Heute)并与团队参加与汉堡歌剧院共同创作将2019年首演的音乐戏剧《Nacht der Seeigle》。她曾多次以艺术家身份被邀请,在德国Schöppingen,Schloss Wiepersdorf,意大利Villa Massimo,以及法国Carmago等艺术家基金会所创立的艺术村进行创作交流活动。

她为女高音与电子音乐而创作的作品 《Me Du Ça》 于2016年九月在巴黎蓬皮杜艺术中心首演,并于同年获得由德国卡尔斯鲁厄媒体与艺术中心(ZKM)所颁发的“千兆赫兹” (Giga Hertz)电子音乐创作奖。作品亦借助希腊神话美杜莎的形象,结合歌剧元素,不拘泥于传统的唱法,将电子音乐的声音完美的融入声乐演唱技巧中。而早在此时,程慧惠已展露出她在服装道具运用方面的巧思与细腻,透过精心设计的戏服,道具及舞台妆,不仅为演唱者的角色增加戏剧感,同时也为声音元素注入的视觉效果。

程慧惠的作品被选入德国wergo唱片青年作曲家系列(Deutsch Musikrat Wergo),将在2020年出版她的第一张DVD个人专辑。 专辑中将收录她2016年以来的的最新作品。她的音乐结合多媒体,视觉艺术,以及音乐戏剧等,风格新颖,有强烈的当代感。